Dawn of Destiny: card set

F2p player here.So worth it or should i wait for something better?maybe the new full box?
Not worth it, only URs are somehow good, generaly this is the worst pack of all them, use your gems on crimson kingdom and ultimate rising
<< Anonymous(ShkelqimH)
ShkelqimH is wrong!
The new box is worth it to specific people! I will give you the box break down!

Deck archetypes being Strengthened:
1) Vampire's
2) Naturia's
3) Ninja's

Deck archetypes being Introduced:
1) Fire King's
2) Hazy Flame's

Generic Deck's which can be made from this box:
1) Other Zombie decks which may not feature any Vampires.
2) Dark Flare Knight/Mirage Knight

<< Anonymous(ShkelqimH is wrong!)
ShkelqimH is wrong!
The break down I have shown you is conclusive evidence that this box can be worth it for some duelist!

Duelist may buy the box because they may like something in the box.

The worth of the box can only be determined by your own personal views.

To me it is priceless!
It is worth so much!

I like vampires!
Only 2 boxes in the game have Vampires!
<< Anonymous(ShkelqimH is wrong!)
I spend most of my gems on Crimson Kingdom and this deck and I love this archetype over everything. I do recommend getting UR and Neo for good support cards. Even Valkyrie is good, but only thing needed was Soul Exchange. Overall, the pack is good. Depends on how you play and if you want to do something outside of the traditional crap in PVP.
<< Anonymous(ShkelqimH is wrong!)
The problem is, are those strengthened cards will hit the meta?

Better spent for soul exchange or mirror wall
<< Anonymous
Lol mirror wall.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
Mirror Wall
Looks like somebody never hit the wall
<< Anonymous(Mirror Wall)
I meant it's 1/200 packs while you can get the super rush 1/80, but MW is a bettrr spend?
<< Anonymous(Realm)
It really worth if you pretend to use the combos, or set with decks like HHG, parasite, and is a mini pack, you won't be dwelling as much to get SR and UR
<< Anonymous(DexterKoller)
Vanilla HHG, just became very overpower atm, only need wait the nerf and see how it will work


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I'd say that this deck is balanced though, big atk/def but lacking trap protection, unlike t...
I got salty after losing because I played this card.
Can't attack if it use its effect, AND can destroy only 1 monster and nothing else, AND it t...
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