11th Mini Box: Visions of Ice [Worth to roll?]

You wanted it, you got it! A new and powerful premade deck within this amazing Mini-BOX that will easily get you to KOG without using your brain!
KONAMI™ employee
Not getting to KOG rank? GIVE US MORE OF YOUR MONEY!!!
lol have you tried using this deck?
I think this troll is posting in the wrong box page lol.

Rampage of the Forests is that way, not this way
<< Anonymous
Use of gems are now forbidden and any player caught using them will be immediately banned as will any player aged 12 or older discovered to be unemployed or only earning minimum wage.
Spellbook without using your brain?. i've guess spellbook is the most thinker deck of all the meta. you have to know what spellbook activate to make the combos works while sylvans are just set or summon and wait or masked hero is just masked change hahahahaha
LOL brain XD i like your comment it's too funny.


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C'mon anon that karma cut argument applies to most decks (NK, desperado, abyss dweller), it ...
Seems like u can splash it in a machine deck with machina and super Buddy team
F**k consistency skill users. These peewee players need training wheels to play the game and they...
NO, stop that. I don't want any synchro cubic or neos cubic @@@.
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