PvP Best decks [23 Mar Updated]

Brazilian Guy
So this game is now tottaly P2W guys. There's no way a free to play player or even a budget player can keep up with the meta. Sure, the goal of a company is to make money, but Konami has been way too greedy lately, releasing new boxes and completely changing the meta every month. I'm a budget player, and even spending some bucks I can't play competitively. RIP duel links
Brazilian Guy
Totally (correction)
I spent $0 on my sylvan deck and still run 3 komushroomo
<< Anonymous
Brazilian Guy
Wait till they release the new minibox and main box...
Honestly been playing this game since launch and have not spent a dime and I have obtained most of the cards that I want. Its really not hard.
<< Anonymous(YoureJustDumb)
I'm a budget and there's no way you can get dark worlds or other such decks through f2p unless you only play 2-3 decks
<< Anonymous
"I'm a budget and there's no way you can get dark worlds or other such decks through f2p unless you only play 2-3 decks"

Well, thats how F2P survive in long run. Focus on building 1-3 strong decks, Dont buy unnecessary box if it's not needed, climb KoG to get the most gems, and clear all events for gems
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
At least you are admitting they stay focused on some decks and not all the cards. Unfortunately...when the meta changes, then these f2p players are left with no more choices if they want to keep playing. Think GB versus Geargia...or Sylvans. They spent all they had on GB, now they are screwed.
<< Anonymous(@malefic)
Not really. Actually, if you invest in Galactic Ori for GB, you probably get 1-2 Saffira while digging for GB cards, and im talking as the one who did this. Now I have CA (full set but only 2 Senju) and GB deck. Every box always include F2P and P2W deck.



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