King of Game decks [July 2018]

After half a year playing everyday whenever possible, I'm finally going to give up on the game... last year there were so many variety of decks that reach KOG, then recently only Silvans and know only Furs... why bother farming event cards to create new decks, and them some stupid mini box shows up to screw the game.
All the best dude.

There are many more fun games that are not by komoney.

I played for a year and spent some in the past so I don't want to give up
<< Anonymous
I understand your point of view, but even so, even using money is it worth it? Your decks will be nerfed soon enough since everyone is simply using them.
<< Anonymous(GameManiaK)
Me? Nope I said I stopped spending for a long time. Only occasionally really good deal on some deck that I really like.

And I don't open every box so I can build any relatively cheap deck completely without spending.
I Don't Know you
This game doesn't benefit old player like me who open bunch of old pack and get non competitive card like UR Axe raider or SR Judge Man.

New Player can spend all their gems to some minibox and reach KOG in no time.
<< Anonymous(I Don't Know you)
Thats power creep for ya. Someone who just starts playing now will be saying the same thing by the time 12 more boxes are out and the meta is even fastest and more crazy than now.
i agree, farming is irrelevant since you get all the cards with those tickets, and the powercreep level is insane, game died around the time GX was released
Also being still at 3 monster/spell/trap zones suck.
<< Anonymous
Thankfully you don't need to get 3 copies of the generic staple backrow cards. With 20 cards, deck space is so tight that you'll very rarely put more than 1-2 copies of the same generic staple cards in.

Like my Aromage deck for example, it only runs 1 Draining Shield. And in duels I rarely ever need to play more than 1.
<< Anonymous
Which means, you can save your gems instead of spending it all on a box two-three times.
<< Anonymous
I agree, 1 fur hire beat is better than 3.
Konami should reward old payer.
I played since day 1, and now all get is my ass been kicked by new player buying some new minipack.
In MMORPG, older player has more beneficent like better exp, better equipment, better skill.

In Duel links, newer player has more benefit. They can get new op cards from day 1. Old player stuck with old useless cards.

What worst is if older player pay real money for some older pack, only get beaten by F2P using gems on 3x minipacks.
<< Anonymous(MMORPG Player)
Yup. Players have stop making new orginal decks and just played whatever its in meta like fure hire. New players are doing the same too, having metas in their initial decks. Where are the classic dm and bewd decks that we all beloved?? Noone is playing them.
Actually the last season is FAR BETTER than this furries season. At least sylvan has a hard counter (spellbook). But furries has no hard counter except 3 floodgate/3 chalice/3 canadia, which are expensive as shit to get.
<< Anonymous
most people play to win, not for nostalgic reason summoning dark magician or blue eyes.
<< Anonymous
I somehow feel the same. The PVP is just damn too centered around few decks, most of which come from new box new and as an old player I barely have resource to open a box just to get the counter cards. And by the time I have good number of counter the meta change and I need to open new pack just for counter cards... again...
Duel Links was doomed from the start to become similar to it's TCG original, and most games with a competitive scene will be the same. If the current state is uninteresting, move on if you wish...but I would advise you check in every now and then to catch up and see if anything has surfaced that draws your attention. It's nice to take a break every now and then :D



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