Electric Overload

I literally opened 80 packs, wasted all my saved gems and still not a single UR... konami me right?
Fuck you
40 packs and only 1 SR, than I stopped, there MUST be something really fucked up...
<< Anonymous(A.D.)
Rng sadly, not a conspiracy against u :(.
Yugi moto
looser!! now use ur heart of the credit card.. didnt spent a single money on it still can kick ur ass
<< Anonymous
Yeah, I did anger the rng gods for not spending money on this game. A friend of mine, new to the game, opens ten packs and gets 1 UR and 4 SR...I suggested him to not spend money on the game anyway...
then use your muney to buy pack. komuney always be nice to p2p player. quit complaining.
<< Anonymous(FUCK THIS GAME)
how bout u set up a data transfer before u start bein a little about it



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This is my first build. Won 4/5 ranking duels. Lost only to one silent magician deck and I had a ...
God you people are stupid it's not even a legendary duelist all this is the boosted duel orb...
Uhh... It's good card
Because face-down Attack position is a good meme.
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