Yubel Fire King: deck recipe [Dec 2019 Updated]

Forbidden chalice says: Hello, Yubel !
You still use that? means, you still use Wall of Disruption too?? OH I guess you're still in Gold until now. lol
<< Anonymous
The comment above is very "cringy". You usually build your deck according to what you encounter most in the current meta. That's why top players made it to the top of the KC cup with Buster Blader and not with Koa'ki Meiru. By the way, chalice is very useful in a masked hero deck... and it's soooo late in the season that pretty any deck can reach king of games by now.
Sphere Kuriboh says: Hello there, Chalice! :)
<< Anonymous
haha Toggle Button says: Hello Sphere dude,
Chalice can be applied during Damage step while Kuriboh doesn't. I think you need more experience in the game, bud
<< Anonymous
Lol. experience? experience?? If you attack Yubel nowadays means you have something dude! people aren't dumb anymore, early ebola for good and switch it to defense next turn, I'm done with M. heroes-Chalice alliance, dude. That is my experience!
More like stardust says hello yubel
<< Anonymous(Silent)
and like - Nightmare in defense and wait for 3000ATK Cerulean to beat your trash Stardust, thou.
<< Anonymous
It's sooo late in the season that, yeah... you really need experience playing this game. LOL
<< Anonymous
I actually used Wall of Disruption (x2) in my KoG deck for this season, its not a bad card at all, especially when the attack drop is permanent.


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