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Why does Shi En not negate this in Duel Links? I have a replay where this 🔥ed me pretty hard.
Better share that replay because this does negate wod
<< Anonymous
inb4 damage step
It could be because you already negated a spell/trap on that turn already. Shien's effect is only once per turn so if you already negated a different spell/trap then you will be hit by WoD.

In a duel in Kc Cup I made sure I would use this card as a 'feint' when they attacked me in order to protect my Onslaught from getting destroyed.
I just had the same issue. I used Shi En to negate, the effect negation animation came up, but the effect was still applied
<< Anonymous(TMaster)
You all probably play against traptrix atrax


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/ Agreed. This @@@ who keeps mentioning union monsters when people talk about Xyz should @@@ him...
What in the world was the problem...
You still have to set if first
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