How much longer do we have to wait for new cards and characters?


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You can sûck my dîck if you want
New Dream Ticket releases this week!
When tf are they going to add Vector from Yugioh Zexal? Been waiting for this dude for a while now
This game is dead lol. Just quit and move on
We don't even have an announcement of a new world this September.

Consider Duel Links half dead.
Quinton has arrived.
Solomon Muto has arrived.
When THis card will be added Dark Renewal ?
Maybe next year September, if you want a dream ticket.

I would use them for Silent Magician though. She is too hot to buy.

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can anyone tell me how solve this mission? i already did many times win by deck out victory by ch...
You can duel me but I won't play fairly 514-721-160
Should be limited to 1 because it does not have once per turn.
I'm stuck on the tutorial for the vagrants I get to the shop screen and then no matter where...
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