Question is true ??

i can't survey it

22days ago


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2days ago
Very good site to waste money. You wanna waste money? Try it.
7days ago
its totally legit!!
12days ago
no they shouldnt remove global chat, i need to scam people... made about 2.3k lma0
13days ago
Just post your credit card details here. We'll take care of it.
13days ago
bah beh bo bah "ItS OnLY 9k gEMs NoT 50K" whoever said that @@@ bruh, dont fall for that shi its fake. fishing for ad revenue is all it is, so tired of that shi. they should just remove global chat imo.
13days ago
15days ago
Why is this question even allowed here? Stupid mods.
19days ago
its not a scam, gamea is... just look at their ToS at the bottom of the page, its fake
22days ago
It's a scam and i can tell you this from my experience, they want you to spam post about "it" to make people visit their website so they'll get ad revenue (Mostly massive ad there).

In some case if you want to download "their" hack tool, you will suffer a lot of survey, link shrink, download app (Mostly malware) to pass link, etc

So in my opinion just play the game and enjoy it (People salty because of Rank duel in this game)

Be grateful we can play this game for free and you not force to pay for playing this game.
22days ago
It’s against the terms of use

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Hi,i'm actually an old player, i've been playing this game since the beginning of yugio...
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How to view saved battles?

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27days ago

Zexal Yuma going to be in the game

If you don't know who that is it's the Zexal morph form of Yuma
28days ago


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Is there a Parasite Infestation VERY-LOW BUDGET deck to make?

Just to play for fun. I’m poor in real life and in the game so I have no gems
29days ago

i got a quest for visitin the duellstudio but i dont find it

i think the pvp duell arena ist the duellstudio but maybe i‘m wrong there


I was just dueling a vagabond and his Xyz monster didn't have a effect that banishes my mon...

Duel rewards

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we dont need insta death just normal decks @@@.u are the one thinking in extremes not stop ...
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Are there other cards like Exchange or Gift Exchange? I wanna trade cards with my opponents and t...
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