How to view saved battles?

Don't know where the option to view it is at

27days ago


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14days ago
With your @@@
26days ago
with your eyes
27days ago
It's in the PvP arena

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Zexal Yuma going to be in the game

If you don't know who that is it's the Zexal morph form of Yuma
28days ago


Did you change when aromage jasmine can activate or something because I can't activate her d...
29days ago

where can i get more of the Light attribute "balls"?

help where i can get these light attribute balls to trade with the card trader? i need 120 and i ...
29days ago

Is there a Parasite Infestation VERY-LOW BUDGET deck to make?

Just to play for fun. I’m poor in real life and in the game so I have no gems
29days ago

i got a quest for visitin the duellstudio but i dont find it

i think the pvp duell arena ist the duellstudio but maybe i‘m wrong there


I was just dueling a vagabond and his Xyz monster didn't have a effect that banishes my mon...

Duel rewards

I have another question the rewards for training your kuriboh and all other rewards like those re...


Hi, I'm from Indonesia and my internet speed only 10mbps. I couldn't play this game sin...

Do they ban mod now?

I just came back to the game since 2017. Last I played modders got a warning at most. Before, I w...

Dream ticket

Will we get dream ticket after kc cup event?


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sadly newb casuals always complain about this all-purpose farm deck since they can't afford ...
Great!! Dna Surgery - water A legendary ocean - minus 1 level Stygian Dirge - minus 1 level ...
Or maybe an "Utopic" Xyz, so that Halfway to Forever actually can summon one.
I read that in Echoes Act 3's voice
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