How to report more than 3 cheaters per day?

I can only report 3 but I usually play more than 3 duels per day and almost everyone is a cheater. How can I report them?



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You are a 3 times loser
Have you considered the possibility of you being a sore loser?
How do you know that they're cheating?
If you make a new account, then report your original actual account it resets how many times that account can report due to a glitch. Your welcome
By sucking 3 c0cks

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Duel links is now anime focused skills and their ability to use trech without a semi cards
Love this guy's theme sadly he always gets obliterated by turn 5 max
Thanks for the advice. I know it’s really fantastic with sending Marten from the deck to th...
literally not even just A trick up sleeve it is just in general and also doesn’t let scrap ...
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