Is anyone experiencing connection problems while dueling?

Everytime I duel someone in ranked duels my game freezes then I get a "connection failed" message and I know it's not my internet


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This question is waiting for your answer. Look forward to your kind help!

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Red-Eyes Slash Dragon Bug?

A few times now, I have found that Red-Eyes Retro Dragon and Return of the Red-Eyes effects do no...

Reward 4 times?

How to make reward multiplier 4 times at duel gate..? Thanks

Can’t claim qualifiers rewards

I go “ranking results” but don’t see an option to claim rewards like it says I ...


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Cyber dragon

What do we actually know about the release of cyber dragon? A lot of rumors no answers.

The winged dragon of Ra

How can we get the winged dragon of ra or when?

Why i can't find certain cards at the card trader?

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Card exchange tickets in abundance

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Do we REALLY need Zexal World?

People is saying that maybe in this september we will have zexal world, with it the Xyz monsters....



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Yea I was actually surprised when they offered the second copy. Glad I made the decision to grab ...
Deck is missing toon cyber dragon:)
I know. You should go the regular way (PvP or Level 40 LD) if there are only a few skills left. I...
Yes you can go to settings>apps>duel links>clear data
> Go to the latest comments

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