Best cards to have to protect my faceup cards?

i usually run this ballon card that lets me sacrifice a card to hurt my enemy's atk, so as long as i have a decent monster i can keep stacking this card, however if they have something that can target a faceup card on my field im done for, what card could i use to counter.?

13days ago


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7days ago
use cards like wall of d, windstorm, econ, super rush

wonderballoons is bad
11days ago
Wow what the hell, this isn't early 2017.
12days ago
13days ago
impenetrable attack
forbidden dress
intrigue shield
ssa (water only)
half shut
13days ago
dude that card is so old nobody runs that
13days ago
wonder ballons in 2018 lmao
13days ago
Interdimensional Matter Transporter to avoid destruction or banishing

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17days ago



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You will have fun when you reach certain rank that doesn't de-rank you.
Has anyone else gotten a glitch where you can accept the card sleeves because you have more than ...
Is there a way I could summon it easier the only way I could think of is to draw/discard all the ...
Lol Can you make these for all the other guys?
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