Summer 2017 Rex event: Rex Raptor's Dino Mayhem!

Konami! Please learn how to create a fair game! Because those of players who are playing hard with this game still can't get their rewards each events!
That Noob Dude
Wrong. Played the last 3 events I think starting with paradox bros and I got every single card at least 5 times + a ton of gems and gold. In addition to that rex cards are utterly useless tbh, half of his drops are not even new cards. Also event is 1 day in, people are crying they don't have all the cards. Nice meme bro
<< Anonymous(That Noob Dude)
That's because you use 8k assesment cheat, don't compare cheater with people that doesn't cheat bruh.
<< Anonymous
uh... how in the flying fk is 8k assessment cheating?
<< Anonymous
whaaaaat ? Dude are you saying that for real ? Do events with at least 7K assesment is the basic. 99% of people have enough foil/prismatic cards to go for 8K+ with no problem. This site even contain farm decks to reach 8K DA on every single event, just go and checkIf thats why you think this is not a fair game, you should learn the basics first
<< Anonymous
I suspect the dude that I replied were cheating, as he play only for a 1 single month and had all cards from LD drop and had all skills for each chars. How is that not cheating? There are auto 8k assesment cheat out there whether you win or lose fyi. Stop jumping into conclusion ye wankas.
<< Anonymous
Crybaby Carl
Waaaaa boo hoooo. Anybody who has better cards than me has to be cheating. :'(.
<< Anonymous(Crybaby Carl)
That Noob Dude
Hey, sorry guys, but you figured me out. I have been cheating this whole time... I didn't think people would figure me out so quickly...



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but even if you manage to kill Wiz they will probably summon Wiz again in the GY with spell card ...
I've seen that thing in action from an NPC's deck. It would be really helpful for my deck!
Haha it's pretty nasty going second when going against fur hire deck. In case of keeping ...
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