13th Card Box: Generation Next

Can anyone suggest what is the best box to open? I have lots of gems right now but i've only invested on Ultimate Rising and the Phoenix box so far.
Depends what deck u wanna make.
<< Anonymous
I already have red eyes balance, phoenix, naturia, mill and weevil burn. After a while it becomes boring playing the same decks. I need something new yet competitive.
<< Anonymous
You could open this box and make either a fusion deck or a worm one, I've been playing worms and it's really fun
my opinion- you should open min. 50~70 packs for each full box and 40 packs for mini box.

although you don't Have/Duplicate UR card, you still have many possible way to build your deck for events or reach KOG.

United front[R] <- to kill blue-eyes..etc
Premature Return[R] <- special summon

note: save gems for the future box, unless you want certain card in the box.

sry for bad english.
sadly you cant buy a brain to think by your own
<< Anonymous
dam son that was pretty edgy!
<< Anonymous
That's reality.. even mariah carey joked about it sometimes (after performing at new year's eve she said she would buy new coat, and people tell her instead BUY A NEW THROAT) :p
<< Anonymous
Starve Venom Dragon
" Anoymous 16days ago
sadly you cant buy a brain to think by your own"

errm.. That should be: "you can't buy a brain to think ON your own". If you want to be grammatically correct.
You know.. if you're going to try to insult people's intelligence, could at least try to fix your own.
<< Anonymous(Starve Venom Dragon)
Anoymous 16days ago
^ grammar nazi detected!!! calls yourself Starve Venom Dragon, gosh what a geek, and a wierd nerd too, replying to comments that was posted half a month ago...just sad...
<< Anonymous(Anoymous 16days ago)
Starve Venom Dragon you spelled Anonymous wrong you are so funny, corrects other people and gets it wrong yourself.
<< Anonymous
Starve Venom Dragon
" Anonymous 10hour ago close reply
Starve Venom Dragon you spelled Anonymous wrong you are so funny"
I was quoting his name directly as it was spelt, you moron.
Also nitpicking me because of my choice of username? wow you losers (or maybe just one butthurt guy pretending to be multiple users lol) are just pathetic and desperate to cling on to anything to use as an insult.
<< Anonymous(Starve Venom Dragon)
some edgy username.
You're all a bunch of fucktards. Starting unnecessary arguments over the most trivial shit.
Get lost you lamers.
<< Anonymous(some edgy username.)
Hahahahaha genius
<< Anonymous(some edgy username.)
The is a lamer
<< Anonymous(Um)
I Love This Community
<< Anonymous(FilthyWeaboo)
Galaxy Eyes
A bunch of emo edgelords insulting people over the dumbest things. Some guy names himself "starving venom" and gets an asshole insult him over it. wow.



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"There is easy ways to gain Lp on your opponents turn lol" How so?
And I honestly hate players who cannot think for themselves and need an easy win.
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