Espa Roba event

wtf is with his drop rate? About 40+ battles with 7k+ and LV 40 dropping only R, while LV 30 dropped me almost all SR and UR but only one copy each
It's totally RNG, I love this event compared to previous Chazz due to Roba spawn lvl. 40 pretty much most of the time. Got all 3 new cards 5 copies+ each already, while I lack 1 Lindwurm from previous Chazz event. If you're bored just duel him normally or auto him, if you're in luck you still get the new SRs with 3k DA.
<< Anonymous
Agree with anon above.

Got 3 copies of all new rewards within 24 hours of event. Heck I only farmed him on first day and since then I just duel him casually. I have 4-6+ of everything right now.
<< Anonymous(SmartASS)
On the other hand, I dueled Bakura and spent 2000+ black keys just to get my third Trance. And he still hasn't drop it; though I got 6+ of his other UR and SR.

RNG sucks
<< Anonymous
From Chazz event I got 4 Lindwurm, 3 VWXYZ, 2 LV10 and 6 LV5, but even in previous Espa Roba event drop rate was also 🔥 for me. No SR/UR cards dropped then, only from missions.
<< Anonymous
lol, all those days of 🔥 drop and today..


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Ah, by thunder dragons I obviously mean levianeer...
Cubic decks are really bad in general. But all decks have good and bad matchups.
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