33rd Mini Box: Sign of Harpies

Getting mixed reviews, so want to understand the general feeling - lightning vortex will be meta-changing and a staple in most decks - yes or no?
i cant play mine vortex well. i dont know what to discard.

Vortex only good on decks that rely on Graveyard or else you fuxked up
We have to wait, for now take vortex as a reddit card: an overhyped card based in what it did in tcg that ends up seeing no play in duel links.

If the card turns out to be game changing then you'll still have your gems as opposite of what would happen if you spend now and then it ends up being a dud
I don't say its meta defining, but there are decks that can use vortex well. Its an OK card i think, but nothing serious.
Only if you play Blue-Eyes
There were several tournaments yesterday, more than 20, and only like 5 players total used vortex
<< Anonymous
^none of them made it to top places btw
Personal opinion: I tried running at 3 for a while and it only got me otk, I drew it first hand then I got otk tons of times next turn, I'd rather draw into karma or floodgate first turn.
Then I run less copies and it never appeared when I needed it the most or came too late when I had nothing to discard
<< Anonymous
^ and when I say nothing to discard I mean the other card was a really important one
I had to decide: use it to rebuild the field or discard it to wipe opp field and pray then don't top deck a comeback.......thing that always happened
<< Anonymous
The chance of bricking is exactly why most players wouldn't want to run this card. Even blue eyes would rather draw karma cut to avoid turn 1 brick.
As for someone who doesn't own 1 but faced opponents that do, if they can't win that same turn it's all for nothing, I will simply summon new monsters on my next turn. Hardly relevant right now, maybe in the future, depending on meta decks.
<< Anonymous
People are 🔥ing about how Vortex will destroy the meta even more.....only for the card to ends up not being relevant by much.

It's amusing.


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when varis comes, we will have a good generic link 3 at last
Why can they activate the trap in the same turn?
Dunno why but this dude looks like he's a massive s|mp of someone
Not like they had plans for it to be meta to begin with
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