King of Game decks [Apr 2018]

How much you want a bet, half the KoG players didn't even have to think about what they had to do each duel to win and rank up. Too OP, with luck and unfortunate 'Skill', they should possibly limit some cards of Sylvans so any deck can win again(because having multiple people, playing multiple different decks, would be neccasirly better for the long run of the deck). Besides, playing only one deck that is pretty Op in general and not looking for better strategy isn't probable to the current Meta for the coninsending title of "Sylvans". Hopefully, the deck won't be in the current Top Tier Meta in the future. But most likely least, probably will get boring( like it is now) but oh well. Like everyone says, it's practically "brain dead". You also need to be a little lucky to win up against another good deck for the removal of monsters and spells and traps which is through the thinning of your deck. But all luck needs at least a little bit of skill, if you think about it, it's highly "skillful" (OP) to the current Meta and Duel Links in general. I've heard of people going from Rookie 1 straight to KoG, now is that literally most important for you to face up against an opponent with no chance. I think not, other duelists that try and be creative should at least have a chance. Maybe they should also play Sylvans only to get King of Games. ANYone can get to KoG, anyone may win, it's all about the cards. I will probably never play Sylvans just because, I'm Original.
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you asking to konami to limit the best f2p deck? It not even that strong. Right now other decks are doing very well against sylvans. And most people don't care about being the best on game, they just want that 200 gem for reach kog to keep getting new cards and enjoy the other decks.
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Used in 3 duels and didn’t work at all. Wasted my dream ticket.
Apart from having self-chain activated, what else is needed to chain magician of dark illusion to...
I already have full Koa'ki Meiru deck, the only cards that are tempting me to go for valiant...
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