How to beat/farm Seto Kaiba Lvl 40

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I'm using this deck to farm Kaiba. It is so consistent, you can say about 95%! Lately, I have farmed him a lot, and today, I farmed him five times, however, I didn't get any single SR card! Why is the drop rate very bad? Any help or suggestion guys!?
I usually exit game if the farm yield is unfavourable. Open, farm, exit, repeat, until I get an SR drop. After that, I usually will get SR drops continuously as long as I don't exit the game. Not 100% of the time, but pretty frequent.
<< Anonymous
Unlucky at All
I hope your trick work! Thanks a lot bro!
How this trick works?!!!
<< Anonymous
You first said open, farm, exit, repeat until SR. But towards the end you said don't exit? What do you mean? You had just mentioned to exit earlier. Hmm
Forest field spell doesn't work since he twisters it.
How can i replace the 3rd golden apples?
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The trick is when you get at least 1 SR card, try not to close the app, but keep farming him. However, if you didn't get SR cards, close the app then open it and try again.
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Concerning the field spell, if Sojen is set, Kaiba cannot destroy it with Twister. All you have to do is not to activate it but set only.
<< Anonymous(Leo)
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Maybe you can replace the Golden Apples with Cloning, however, those apples still better and safe.



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Yeah... except it's pretty weak and if this is the only card on the field, you have to destr...
I must have 3 of these, to make everbody suffer!!
Lol stick to your original Yu gi oh decks then. And don't ever use the gx cards and characters
Hopefully I get to use her in the current D.D. Tower event.
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