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doesnt negate Order to Charge
I have tested it. He does negate/destroy for himself. As well for other dark monster. So he is protect both himself and other.
<< Anonymous(CodeT)
You're flat out wrong. Unless the opponent monster used for Order to Charge is Dark, it's going to get tributed and then your monster destroyed.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Edgar is right. And it's really annoying. Bad ruling on this. My assumption is that OTC technically targets your opponents card, not yours. It's the destruction of their card which activates the destruction of yours, not the actual spell itself. Not a 'direct' spell so to speak.
Player J
All 4 of you (Fear of God, CodeT, Edgar, & Gabriel) are half right/half wrong.

The answer you seek is in between all your responses.

Order to Charge can destroy Dark General Freed.
Order to Charge can be negated by Dark General Freed.

I will explain how the above is possible.
It all depends on who is using the Order to Charge card!


<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Lets say you have DGF on your field.
Now lets say your opponent uses OTC.
OTC will target "their" monster.

It doesn't target DGF.
As a result, DGF will be destroyed as part of the condition of the OTC card.
The reason this is possible is because in that scenario DGF was never targeted.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Now lets change the Scenario:

Lets say you have DGF + Dark vanilla monster on your field.

Now lets say you are the owner of OTC!
You have a plan to use OTC on your Dark vanilla monster to 🔥 your opponents monster.

Will the play work? No!
The reason why is because DGF will negate you!

You are trying to target a face up Dark Monster on your side of the field with a spell.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
So now what was your questions?
Can DGF negate OTC? Yes!
Can DGF get destroyed by OTC? Yes!

It all depends on the scenario!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
My man, I already explained it on my previous comment, I even specified
"If OtC were to target and tribute a Dark normal monster on field then Freed would negate it" but Freed is not immune to the destruction effect. You explained it a lot clearer anyway so kudos.
<< Anonymous(Edgar81539)
Player J
Edgar, I only saw 1 statement made by you which is the below one:

"You're flat out wrong. Unless the opponent monster used for Order to Charge is Dark, it's going to get tributed and then your monster destroyed."

This statement was in response to CodeT statement.

CodeT first 2 sentences are wrong. CodeT next 2 sentence are right.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Your first response sentence is wrong because not everything CodeT said was flat out wrong.
Only half of what he said was wrong.

Your second response sentence is right.
However, I could be nit picky and find errors in it for the giggles!

However, I'm just teasing.
No hard feelings.

To clear the confusion about this I will explain directly to the point, can Dark general Freed negate Order To Charge? no.

Why? because Order To Charge doesn't target on the initial destruction, the only time OTC targets is when you pay the cost by "selecting" one of your normal monsters as a tribute to "destroy 1 monster on the field".

OTC is NOT specifically targeting a monster on the field.

<< Anonymous(MissCookiez)
Choosing the monster to tribute is in no way a cost.


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