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Currently the boxes that worth investing are Blazing Rose (Metaphys, Vermillion Dragon Mech), Dark Dimension (Invoked & Gravekeeper, Quintet Magician), Future Horizon (Cyber Dragon, Dark Magical Circle), Judgment Force (Lunalight, Blue-Eyes Synchro), Guardians of Rock (Electromagnet, Eatos, Magician Navigation), Soul of Ressurection (Shiranui)
and Fortress of Gears (Aromage)
<< Anonymous
Are you serious? Fortress of gears was a bad mini box. Aromages although competitive are far from being meta. Atm the best boxes are soul ressurection (f2p route), dark dimension,judgement force. End.
<< Anonymous
If it's competitive enough for the meta, then it's part of the meta lol

I won't deny that those boxes are the best right now, but Fortress of Gears isn't that bad either considering how much it elevates Aromage, which also happens to be a deck far more "F2P" than the decks whose cards are box exclusive.
Agreed. Pretty accurate
<< Anonymous(Cannotdstart)
Nothing F2P here if no box older than 2 years cannot guarantee by itself alone a tournament winning deck.
<< Anonymous
Your logic is terrible, you're basically saying that Konami should never sell new cards to get profit. No one would bother buying new stuff if the 2 years old stuff still works, and without profit the game is dead.
<< Anonymous
Konami already did well balancing the F2P needs while also selling new stuffs, anyway.


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