Yami Bakura

one of his unlock missions is to "use level 3 or lower monster cards 3 times in a duel against him" i have already summoned 3 different level 3 monsters in a few duels but still failed. what is it supposed to mean?
Try not use trap/spell,duel lvl 10
<< Anonymous
i've tried... still failed
I'm having the same issue as eru, anyone who has any insight on what specifics AREN'T fully mentioned, in the condition description, would be helpful.
Use yami yugi and summon 3 lvl 3 or lower monster
<< Anonymous(RopeSander)
For me, I used 3, 3 star EFFECT monsters and had their effects activated and it worked. I had used 3, 3 star normal monsters and nothing happened. I literally had no monsters in my deck besides 2/3 star effect monsters and spell/trap cards. Once I won the duel, Yami Bakura was finally unlocked.
<< Anonymous(TomSNC)
I’m having the same issue, tried it using Komodo Dragon, The White Stone of Legend and The White Stone Of Ancients but have had no luck...
Only use monsters when duel. Dont use any spell/trap card. Just monsters
*bug* you need yami yugi level 3 moneter fight bakura


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Not that good now, but once we get Stardust/Assault Mode, it'll be a Godsend.
plus u play gilfe for that reason.
if it would be any monster then it would be better.
tell me .what a deck?
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