Balance Handless Swift Gaia: deck recipe

Personally I don't think this deck is meta anymore. First of all, this deck was created by Dkayed during the WC final qualifiers to counter meta decks of that moment (Weevil, Harpie, etc), Dkayed explained the mentioned above in a video. Now we have two new card boxes and structure decks so the meta has changed to swarming decks, which are much faster than this deck. Even I doubt if Dkayed itself would use this deck in this actual form, probably he would modify it before using it to counter the counter meta.
The Godfather
Nah I think it's actually even better now with the new pack since cards of the soul can search flash assailant plus blue flameswordsman helps also
I see tons of ppl in plat running this. I like playing against it cuz it's predictable and not hard to beat. It's super thin on monsters so all u gotta do is kill 2 of them or summon a guy stronger then gaia at 2300 attack and u pretty well win. I get a kick out of how ppl steal people's decks. I find it funny. They gotta burn their storm-tornado combo early to remove mirror wall. Just wait n bait
<< Anonymous
And I'm sure you steal other people's decks too
<< Anonymous
if you resort to "wow u have to use decks other people made..." to make urself feel better about being bad ur prolly bad
With add of card of new box work very well on gold 4-5
<< Anonymous
I steal no decks



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I never knew that someone who builds a deck to lose in PVP existed. (Exception: the Espa roba...
Lol yes and I know exactly where you’re going with this
Bhaaaaa are you a sheep?
No way they are going to give 3 free cyber dragons. If his ace is really cyber end dragon, ko...
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