D.D. Castle: Supreme King Rises! [Oct 2021]

How defeat vennomiaga?
Banish her
Bounce her back to the hand
Don't let them set up their GY
Use battle traps
<< Anonymous
Yea? Do you know Vennominaga immune to any effects? I guess not.

As for the OP, I handled Vennominaga thru her other monsters. I attack the Vennominon, pierce it's defense with Nine-Tailed Fox. Maybe you could try attacking Vennominon firs, CPU always revive them back, and that decreasing Vennominaga's attack point.
<< Anonymous
That’s the reason why they released volcanic queen
You can also use direct attackers to ignore her altogether.

Cards that prevent Battle Damage also helps - she can't place Hyper Venom Counter if she can't inflict any Battle Damage.
I managed it with Malefics though it was a near thing due to Venom Swamp. Other methods that would help could be Gravekeeper Valley to prevent Venominaga from resurrecting, Soul Release to greatly deplete the reptiles that power her up and allow her to ressurect, and Samurai Destroyer would presumably negate its effects when it battles it and if destroyed by an opponent's effect be ressurected.
I used a Mayakashi deck specifically for that Floor as "Zombie World" absolutely cripples the opponent's deck since they rely on having Reptiles in the graveyard. One-shotting a Vennomiaga that had 0 ATK felt so good.
Yami Aster
I used destiny hero plasma. It shuts it down. Same with that ritual one that can go crazy, too.
<< Anonymous
Bring out a strong monster on the first turn, then just quickly sweep the first two.

So when it's Vennominaga's turn, because the first two haven't fill the graveyard with enough reptiles, Vennominaga comes out weak, and a single Soul Release should be enough to make it nothing.
Just summon Cyber Slash Harpie Lady and equip her with a Power of the Guardians and Axe of Despair. Quick win on all floors.


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^Yeah, pretty much similar to sixsam dual wield. There can't be two x-saber on the OP field
I have some bad news for you that involves Infenities then.
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