Solomon Muto (Sugoroku Muto)

Skill at stage 4:Too old to play Makes your turn go second Skill at stage 6:Heart of the cards You draw at least one Super Rare card and start with 4500 LP Skill at Stage 8:Grandpa’s cards Starts with an Exodia care in the hand Skill at stage 10:Puzzle Solver Knows what cards are face Down and drawn by the opponent Stage 14:Game shop Starts with the field spell ‘Game shop’ that increases ATK points of all Spellcaster and Fairy types by 200 points.
Stage 20: Exodia master
Starts duel with all 5 exodia pieces in hand.
Haha good one
<< Anonymous(ABC)
Really fun and good one
how is he supposed to have a skill for a field spell that doesn't exist?
<< Anonymous(DaSwifta)
well he did think that puzzle solver would even be considered a skill, since a its op and b he didnt even solve the puzzle yugi did


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I want to level up the world in Arc 0v - however in order to do that I have to defeat an apponten...
Yes i did. Coz gagaga girl can mimic lvl as gagaga magician. The weird thing was that I was able ...
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
and yuma and all zexal and arc v charachers
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