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The card doesn’t work, I’ve ran it against multiple decks that summon from their graves. Like a blue-eyes deck, by passed my XYZ effect. I don’t know how. Maybe needs a patch or something
This is not Necrovalley. It only prevents cards in the GY from activating. You can still summon from the GY.
<< Anonymous
You need to activate this card to prevent your opponent from activating effect in GY. If you opponent activate effect before you activate this then it will be useless.
<< Anonymous
Prevent activation and negate activation is different thing.
<< Anonymous
Dweller doesnt negate anything just prevents them from happening. If you chain dweller to the activation of a grave EFF, the effect will still resolve properly since it already activate prior to dweller. Basically dweller has to happen before an effect activates.

You must activate dweller first before your opponent activate anything in the grave.
Not KoG
Necrovalley is the only card preventing movement from the GY. The rest, like Abyss Dweller, just negates effects.


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