King of Game decks [Jan 2019]

So Glad that the meta now is well-balanced and players can enjoy aiming for KOG
<< Anonymous
I agree with "NO". With soo many OTK decks going around, I call b.s.
<< Anonymous(Ren)
I agree with NO. Koakis are like Fur Hires in June 2018, they swarm, destroy and negate in 2-3 moves at maximum, what is more overpowered than that. Hey Trunade made them so explosive. All because of Diamond Core and its protection. I can say that meta was balanced in November and December 2018, but now it is ruined.
<< Anonymous
^A G R E E D
<< Anonymous
^A G R E E D
I don't know what was in konami's dumb head releasing diamond core without any kind of counter to it
In legend 7 out of 10 games are koaki
they nuke the field with trunade reckoned power and maximus in the 2nd turn and game over
even 3 sphere kuribos are useless against them because kuriboh only affects 1 monster and they have 3 2000/3000 atk beaters in the same turn
If konami will not release battle fader when jack atlas appears the game will become extremely boring because of all those otk
You don't even get to play the game because you are dead in the 2nd turn



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I mean, the OCG made us errata Goyo Guardian after it was unlimited and doing nothing in the TCG ...
At least it’s big and well shaped, unlike you
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