How to Counter Sylvans

Seems like people are focusing on countering Sylvans with other Sylvans(which could be a good idea), but all you need is: monsters on the field when it is your turn, counter trap card "Ultimate Providance", possibly backrow removal while playing "Storm", or even "Enemy Controller". So adding multiple level 1-4 monsters you can normal summon is probably likely what you have to need enable to beat Sylvans. Easily can your backrow be destroyed and your monster too. Why you have Ulti Prov and cards in your hand enable to counter with. Tribute summons are needed enable to get past the bigger monsters with 2400ATK and 2700ATK, except only, 1800DEF and 1200DEF. So Enemy Controller would work out exceptionally, also Floodgate Traphole or Adhesion Traphole to lower that ATK by half, Void Traphole destroys any monsters special summoned with ATK over 2000. Void Traphole could be a great effect to pull off once your opponent gets out his bigger monsters. Just simply Void him, Trap em', and E-con them, until your moves are set in position for the win. It's all about them resources, like right now on the forum, Resources. The only True and Real Counter I do see for this deck, would be Mill Worm into a Chained Trap card that'll send all Mill Worms to the grave, and sometimes that won't even work(never have I tried it/ only won up against). Pretty 'Cucy', but oh well, might as well be said. I don't use Sylvans either, only win or lose, just gaining and giving a good strategy that could work up against Sylvans. Void Traphole, E-con, Floodgate, or either Ulti. Providence should definitely work out for the long run. Your choices for a counter, and there is more cards that'll allow you to negate a flip summon while doing just that(flip summoning). It's all about what will be discarded from your opponents deck and what you will have on your field and in your hand. Just simple advice, be prepared.
Void Trap Hole is useless against Sylvan decks that don't use Gigaplant. The only way they can SS a monster with 2000+ ATK is with Rose Lover, which makes them unaffected by Void Trap Hole.

The fact you NEED a live Providence/Divine Wrath/Chalice to not lose to Sylvans is a problem. (Same reason I'm not a fan of SSA.) Having to run a very specific counter to a deck is bad for the game in general.
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SSA gives enough opportunity on first few turns.. you can basically negate abyss, tunafish, hammer shark, gishki, etc. Don't lump in SSA with braindead sylvans, SSA is more considerate and forgiving, but yes once they are set up, that just means you bricked, or your deck is too slow for SSA's pace, and that's a legit game mechanic!
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The only thing that makes SSA "fairer" than Sylvans is that they're marginally less consistent. (If they don't draw Sea Stealth Attack early, or draw it but no ALO, they can't do much, while a Sylvan player can set up with things other than Komushroomo/Merchant.) Once set up, I'd say SSA is harder to deal with than Sylvans are.
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Huh? Last time I checked, they are fairly consistent with Abyss Soldiers as second win condition, Skreeches and Fishborgs to mill early Whales, Gishki for rearranging top cards in deck, and can easily summon a Whale in less than 2 turns.
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...I didn't say SSA was inconsistent. I said it was less consistent than Sylvans, which they clearly are. (And heck, I even said they're MARGINALLY less consistent, meaning only slightly less consistent.)



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