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Sometimes the angels are bad, because they have some kind of unhealthy godly complex. At least that's what I've seen in some movies, manga/anime. I wonder if this guy is a good dude. Or an evil fella like the angels from evangelion
Bad angels are called demons.

You can see strange angels in Japanese anime, because Christianity is exotic for Asians.
<< Anonymous
Some demons actually call themselves angels in real life. They believe in a fallacious hierarchy full of criminal acts
<< Anonymous
There is a lot of so called "divine" deception in this world. As long as a persona cannot recognize and separate good from evil. They will always be tricked by religious deception/cults
<< Anonymous
Sartorius is a clear example of this:
He believes He's so divine and that he's in the side of "Light"

That's the biggest deception of this world.
Angels and demons are fictional,so they can be whatever you want


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