20th Mini Box: Guardians of Rock

People said this box would be bad. Yesterday Duel Links Meta streamed a tournament in Twitch. The results were the following. Dark Magician is META thanks to Arkana's 'a Trick Up the Sleeve' TRIAMIDS are top rank in the tournament (they are F2P) GEM KNIGHTS need EMERGENCY BAN BECAUSE THEY CAN FIRST TURN 🔥 YOU. There you go, 100% META box. Glad it only has 100 packs in it.
That is stream was very sick by the way.
You forgot Electromagnets, my dude
People will learn how to play around with all the new cards.

Still a worthy box tho.
Funny, because 2day I watched one of Dkayed's videos and he was talking about Gem Knight OTK being 100% OP
Gem Knight FTK still is hella expensive and too inconsistent rn. Should we get Brilliant Fusion and their Link Monster (years down the line) we’re gonna have a problem. But right now, they’re getting better but not good enough yet
<< Anonymous
Not really man, getting 4 block dragon is way easier than getting 3 UR(s) from main boxes. I already built it with gems.
<< Anonymous
2day I made it to Kog with magnets by the way, it's a great archetype; Berserkion helps you to get rid of the backrow
Triamid is one of the best decks in the game, it can be build with gems alone.


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you can brag only when the other player doesn't own a p2w ur/sr card. all pay to win play...
F2P like you are just cowards who keep hiding behind your parents' pocket money instead of g...
this card is gonna get nerfed
Ok, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right place, but I was trying to transfer my data t...
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