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What do you guys think? One more Legion and Destiny Draw?
take out twinn barrel, add blue dragon summoner. and u should add windstorm, but isnt necessary cause u alrdy have 2 apples
<< Anonymous
Nop, I don't think blue dragon is a good idea..
He summons only normal, I can't get Magician Girl from him..

Any other suggestion?
The deck seems a bit unfocused, maybe try and focus more on Dark Magician? The random support (i.e. Cocoon, Toy Magician, Summoned/Skilled Red, etc.) just seem out of place, A second Legion would be optimal but Blue Dragon Summoned would also be a good support card if you added more Vanillas.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Vanillas? What do you mean?
I have two blue dragon, but I can only pick 'Dark Magician' when he dies..
My focus here is to special summon him with Sage's. I wont tribute him, thats why I keep Summoned skull depends on the situation
<< Anonymous(Le)
Vanillas means normal monster, in this case like neo the magic swordsman, rogue doll, so with blue drag summoner you can search those cards, legion also can search those. If you want to focus on summoning DM with sage stone you need the ability to summon DMG easily, which can be done by more soul exchange, more legion or maybe more magician circle.
Player J
Your deck is bad!

It lacks structure.
It lacks focus.
It lacks simple combo plays.

You are trying to do a long convoluted play! WHY?

I am going to tell you what you have been telling us!

I think if you can hear it said back to you. You would understand why you are having all of these problems.
Player J
-You want DM on your field.
-You want to summon DM only using 1 copy of Sage Stone.
-In order to use Sage Stone, You need DMG on your field.
-You want to summon DMG only using 1 copy of Magician Circle.
-In order to use Magician Circle, You need have it sitting on your field at least 1 turn.
-You than need to have a 1 of your 4 Spell-Caster attacking to active.

This is your combo play.
Player J
Your combo play never works!
How do I know? because you told us!

Summon Skull is in your deck to bail you out when things go wrong.

However, good decks don't need to be bailed out! Nothing goes wrong because everything in the deck is working as a unit!

The deck has 1 goal.
Everything else in the deck is designed to make the goal happen.

Dark Magician on the field is the goal.
How do we do it?
Player J
We need cards which can search Dark Magician to bring him to our hand!

We need cards which can summon Dark Magician to get him on the field!

We need cards to protect Dark Magician when he is on the field so he doesn't die!


Twin barrel, how does it help us?
It doesn't! -1

- 1 DMG
- 1 Double
- 1 Skill
- 1 Mei
- 1 Toy
- 1 Coco
- 1 Skull
- 1 Apple
- 1 Rising
- 1 Rir
Considering everything said since my last post, Sage's Stone is a poor strategy considering the amount of space we have to play with. I would suggest finding the deck's template on this site and build from there...just look around Tier 4 decks and you should find it.
Player J
What Saladfingers said is 100% true.
Sage Stone can be difficult to achieve.

However, I personally would keep it in your deck.

The reason why I would keep it is because I dream of the day that I start a duel with the most broken hand in all of Duel Links!

The only way to achieve that dream is by having Sage Stone in your deck.
Player J
Have you ever thought about doing an opening play which is so amazing it leaves your opponent speechless with nothing else to do except surrender on the very first turn?

Have you ever thought about the 4 cards you would need in your opening hand to pull off such a play?

I have thought about it many times.
What would the 4 cards be?

- Sage Stone
- Champion Vigilance
- Legion the Fiend
Player J
1) You Normal Summon Legion
2) Legion effect activates
3) You Normal Summon DMG
4) Legion grave effect activates brings Neo the Magic Sword to your hand.
5) Active Sage Stone
6) DM SS on to the field
7) Set Champion Vigilance

- Neo The Magic Sword left in hand

Than you dare them to break your board by saying "Your Move" Turn 2.

Player J
The funny part is even though you would open up with an awesome hand.

Your opponent by miracle would open up with a broke counter!

The way of Yugioh life!
Yeah it is a risk to go all out on turn 1.

Simply because your opponent might actually have the counter!

They would open with:

2 - Relinquish Ritual Spells
1 - Relinquish
1 - Sphere Kuriboh

Than they would draw
1 - E. Con or Orb
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Thanks Player J, you analised pretty well but you can't say "never works"
I've done the combo with legion - dmg-sage many times.
I have all meta decks but none of them feel better as this combo does
You told me what to remove but you never told me what to add
Recently I removed Twin Barrel for Blue dragon summoner and Half Shut for Windstorm of Etaqua
I have one two more copies of Mag Circles
<< Anonymous(Le)
- I appreciate you for that, not many ppl analize/help more
<< Anonymous(Le)
Saladfingers I'm trying to improve this deck, this week I'll get my 2nd legion

That's how it looks atm
<< Anonymous(Le)
Is it a little bit better?
<< Anonymous(Le)
Player J
I think your deck is getting better.
However, I still think it has more improvements which can be done.

It seems like you are in the same situation I am.

You don't have all the cards yet to finish your deck. It seems like you are trying to improve as you acquire the cards etc.

I believe an ideal DM/DMG deck would run: 3 - Legion of Fiend Jester
<< Anonymous(Le)
Player J
Legion gives you a tribute summon extra + it searches.

I believe it is to good not to have at 3.

I know people like using Blue Summoner which is a wonderful searching card.

However, I feel like Legion does more jobs than Blue Summoner.

I think having the 3rd copy would help your consistency in drawing Legion.

I think Legion + DMG + Field spell on your first turn is really powerful.

<< Anonymous(Le)
Player J
I would replace your coco with the 3rd Legion copy.

I would replace your Skill Red with 1 copy of Sphere Kuriboh.

Once you make those changes I think your monster line up will be fine.

It would be nice to have 2 Neo instead of Rogue Doll.

However, I don't know how to get other copy's of Neo so I think Rogue Doll will have to be the card to use until someone finds how to get more Neo's.

<< Anonymous(Le)
Player J
I consider Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers a Utility card.

I think you can keep it or replace it based on what meta decks you are having trouble against most.

Other Utility cards which can be used instead include:

- Gale Lizard
- Possessed Dark Soul
- 4-Starred Bug of Doom
- Pumprincess the Princess of Ghost

Yeah, I think that is all the ones I know of off top of my head.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Champion of Vigilance might be a good option..
I have Possessed Dark Soul but
do you really think I should add this card?!
<< Anonymous(Le)
Now with some UR pack cards I think this deck will improve.
Let me know if I can contact you, do you use any app?
<< Anonymous(Le)
Player J
In the real Yugioh game, Players had the option to make side decks which they use in match duels.

Usually, You put cards in your deck which are good against a wide range of decks.

The reason why is because you don't know what the other person is using.

However, once you know what your opponent is using + start dueling them more than once!

You can adds better resistant cards in your deck.

<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The reason I tell you this is because I can't really tell you which card is better!

Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers is a good card.

It has the power to kill a continuous spell or trap.

Possessed Dark Soul is a good card.

It has the power to steal level 3 monster.

The one which is better is the one which can help you the most based on what you see in your duel fights!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
Do the people you duel against use more annoying spell & trap?


Do the people you duel against use annoying level 3 monsters?

All the below cards are good!

- Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers
- Gale Lizard
- Possessed Dark Soul
- 4-Starred Bug of Doom
- Pumprincess the Princess of Ghost

However, you can't add them all because you have limited deck space!

Pick the 1 which helps you the most!
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The card you pick might be different than what I pick! Why? because the dueling rank you are might be different than me.

Maybe the people you face are using different things than the ones I face.

The other 11 monsters I believe are the main ones! I am trying to get those 11 monsters same as you.

The last 12th monster card is more based on opinion from what we duel against the most.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J
The card I am using at the moment is Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers.

The reason why is because I keep running into people who have been using Odion a lot!

They keep bring out Embodiment of Apophis.

Have you been experiencing the same thing?

A lot of Odion users/yugioh players in the game.

I think it is very strange.
<< Anonymous(Player J)
That's how it looks right now
I'm aiming for one more Sage, Sphere Kuriboh and Vigilance
Hopefuly I'll reach 3-4 Platinium with that, for further I don't know since these b00ns are using these relinquished-harpes annoying decks



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