Alien: deck recipe [August 2020]

I know there are some die hard alien fans around lol, so I just wanted to say this deck can jump in the tier list maybe up to tier 0... only if they give us Alien Fortress Gol'gar. Damn, that thing is strong... fortress from ocean space.
Yeah! I am an Alien fan forever whatever meta comes they'll be always in my heart! Yummy Bakura too! Lol. I hope Alien Ammonite will be in the next mini box.
<< Anonymous
Omg, alien amMonite is really op. But honestly the Gol'gar Fortress seems way more deadly to me.
<< Anonymous
usually overlord does all the job tbh
<< Anonymous
not dio brando
Overlord+Golgar is a scary duo. They just shoot A-Counters at everyhing that moves before bouncing backrow all over the place. As an alien enthusiast, I can confirm that once we get our boi Ammonite, Aliens will likely jump to tier 3. He turns Recombination to a one card Golgar/Armades, since you can just dump, spray, search and synchro.
<< Anonymous(not dio brando)
I'd say Aliens are already tier 3. The only cards that can give them trouble are canadias and hey trunade (can blow brainwashing and other techs to your hand), so I think they are still viable after some weeks after the season started
<< Anonymous
Golgar and ammonite are both arriving in the new main box
damn, they are already here but the deck wasn't that broken. I guess I can't really complain.


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"If not, you can survive 8 to 10 turns before decking out. I Never decked out this season.&q...
When is next Shiranui Cup? There, corrected you.
"You either havent faced them, or you are a troll. I use them in pvp and are quite deadly an...
I'm missing like 6 fragments.
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