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Hammer Shark can spec it under Legendary Ocean lol
Hammer shark can spec hammer shark and then the second can this and then they all have 1900 and piercing. Beautiful
<< Anonymous
R.I.P Weevil stallburn.
<< Anonymous(Realm)
How is this r.i.p weevil stall burn when:
1)most good weevils have big shield gardna or cocoon..
2) your monsters will most likely be insects

Are you ok?
<< Anonymous
The big shield isnt as annoying as the chipmunk and the plant, which stall and inflict me a bunch of damage. I rarely see a weevil using big shield anymore.
<< Anonymous
Also, with that combo you most likely dont have a monster zone, unless they use e-con and take control of 1 of your monster.
<< Anonymous
Lastly, bigshield and cocoon are no tjread to Daelius.deck.


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