Sera (DSOD)

im a new player and i missed this event , is this means that i will never get the chance to unlock Sera!
if that were the case nobody would have yugi muto unlocked.

just wait.
<< Anonymous
revisiting and this sounds weird. to clarify i mean yugi muto (dm) bc a dsod version isn't out yet. he used to be an unlock event but eventually they just made a normal unlock mission.
The event will be repeated, and even if you also missed the repeat, once Sera is at the Gate, you can unlock her anytime.

Same applies to all the other event characters.
<< Anonymous
thank you man
<< Anonymous
thank you zera the man


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and additional thing.... i was thinking about to include singers in this deck to summon the Arcan...
We will see if it can get back into the tier list.
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