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LOL ! 13days ago
in the hands of some dude that has such a terrible attitude toward the game, even the most consistent deck will fail :V
Patterson 10days ago
lol this is true, I think some guys just... are bad enough to keep losing and then after they rage they just keep losing again and again. It's a never ending cycle of absolute failure xD
Anoymous 6days ago
So you keep losing to fur hires dude? wow you are beyond lame



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People really do believe this deck can counter blue-eyes. This deck is brick prone, 1 TTH or Econ...
Mine is at 38. I dont want to face meta decks to level up muy characters, lol.
That's probably a mistake. (I think that deck contains Dreadnought Dunker, so that's pr...
you need to notice that people don't buy your shit in this site
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