Espa Roba Unlock Event: Espa Roba's Duel Carnival

I find it laughable when some noob comments here about the event being "not worthy enough", when in fact, you could get more than 2000 gems just by playing and competing. But what’s even more funny It’s the fact that very same loser is the one who calls this game expensive.
Scrubs cant even recognize an awesome event when they see it.
New York Guy
You know what?, I suspect the ones replying to themselves are exactly those who keep venting hate toward this event; which is actually very fun to play if you ask me, and just as you said you can get a lot of gems just by playing it.
<< Anonymous(New York Guy)
This guy talks to him self 24/7 on this site and talks about 9/11 all the time he’s a total loser that’s why he changes his name all the time to pretend to have friends
Ok, I know what you meant, I just bought around 50-60 packs of stardust acceleration with gems, then I just withdrew all my gems from gif box, guess how many Gems I have now??? 9999k again LMAO. This event is good.
Dunno who they are. All I’m seing right now is 2-3 weirdoes insulting other players and pretending to be real players, but they just don’t even know how to farm, seems like they would even formulate the most stupid arguments just to talk trash about the game. Boycott? yeah, it could be, I mean, why not?, those dudes talk about "money" all day, so wtf actually.
<< Anonymous(Observer)
Don’t forget metioning boycotting all the time for no reason
We have to deal with it as well, Richard.
Not everyone knows how to play this game.
There are many scrubs around.
............ ROfl !
You post is laughably empty lol
^cock smoker^
so dudes, why are you angry anyway? can't farm? lol
This event is just the best I've seen in a lot of time ! thanks a lot for those gems !
Lol well I guess I’m pretty much ready for the next mini box ! ^^
yep, same here, they can release a new mini box whenever they can !!!
To get 2000 gems from this event you'd have to play everyday for 10+ hours and your team has to win MOST OF YOUR GAMES to even earn a few gold chests. News flash gold chests have a higher chance of dropping cards than gems! I don't know what you're on but you can't expect 2000 gem earnings from an average player during this event. Do you guys even play this game?
You got one thing rigth guys, some folks (myself included) have been playing a lot actually thanks to this event. But you don't even need 10 hours a day, wtf... that was just random and kinda silly; I'm not playing right now since I'm just watching some YT to build a XX saber deck, but gotta say I've already farmed like 2400-2500 gems. Not very difficult, you just need to use the event listed.
Oh, and of course I play it, I'm talking to you based in my own experience about the event.
Wew I need to sort through all the fallacies in this thread because there's no way this is anything but bait
<< Anonymous(OliveNut)
That picture is hurting my eyes.
kill me now XD
Epic drops and epic win m8 !!!!!
Hey !!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm playing ultimate super metamorphosed insect queen xD... and it's just overkill man ! (Doom Dozer is there as well).
pretty easy to farm gems !
Dude, honestly... some dudes are really baaaaad y'know, if they keep losing all day long. I wonder if they actually play, maybe they just keep blabbering negative trash to actually boycott the game.
Some dudes r just baaaaaaaaaaaaad
<< Anonymous
i just make my self lose and farm gold.hahahaha
Oh yeah boiiii I want my gold, because im getting so much gems right now
Now I know why people is starting to talk about cryptocurrency and stuff since those weirdoes keep trying too hard to boycott the game.
<< Anonymous(Interesting.)
^ I know you’re the same guy talking to himself but I’m going to pretend you’re not. That is literally the most autistic response you could possibly reply to the op with.
Yeah those guys are so noob. I can beat FH all day long. I can farm 3000 gems everyday. Konami is a great company. They limited SR cards? I can draw another 3 URs in the same day with gems farmed. You noobs need to learn to farm. Komoney??? IM SO OFFENDED Y'KNOW
<< Anonymous(Chris)
The first comment was made 5 days ago, let this die



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