Yami Marik

Think he's coming soon, on the message board it says a new legendary duelist is coming nxt month, and when I opened the game Marik's voice came on where one of the characters says yugioh duel safe bet hel be here soon
Yeah the same happened to me with Marik's voice when I opened the game
same here for two weeks or so
<< Anonymous(onespeed)
Paradox are coming, it's confirmed, check Discord for proof
<< Anonymous
It says choose a door not doors. On the load screen if you download the game there is a biography for Yami Marik showing his signature card. He is fully in the game with skills and cards etc. All he lacks is an activation code and thus he is not released but everything is in the game for him.
<< Anonymous
Prior to the games update which extended stage levels to 60, at stage 50 Pegasus, Yami Bakura and Yami Marik all said they were coming soon. Thus far we have got 2 of the 3 in the game. All of then showed up on the loading screen the same way I mentioned Yami Marik does and all 3 were villians in the origional seties in that order. Pegasus first, then Yami Bakura and then Yami Marik.
<< Anonymous
The game added them in the order they first appeard as villians. Pegasus caused trouble in Season 1, Yami Bakura caused some trouble during season 1 but also did some things later on and while he kept appearing throughout the series he was established and i troduced as a bad guy after Pegasus and before Marik. I believe it is confirmed to me. Yami Marik is next and I am pretty sure Yugi Muto's nex
<< Anonymous
Actually, Yami Bakura caused trouble first, even before the events of Yugi summoning Exodia vs Kaiba.



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