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The problem with all the farming deck recipes is that you either need cards from a specific legendary duelist or a specific skill power. Both of which needs the other to farm for itself. There are just too much infinite "loop" requirements needed to farm legendary duelists and no clear cut way to get the cards or skills without being redundant. There needs to be a better system showing what deck you can build to farm any skill on any character without need a card that can only be farmed from legendary duelists. Then show the decks that can be used to farm legendary duelists for the cards they have utilizing the skills previously received.
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agreed. Also a lot of these farming decks require lots of UR and SR's. That are difficult to obtain without dropping cash
Use weevil to get low draw. Use yugi for sorcery conduit. Both are leveled rewards. You'll be fine if you actually try and put time into it. Mai can get balance too which helps to get HHG.
well, given what we have, this is the best solution so far. We need more cards to come out. Unfortunately, as of now, the cheapest would be Cerberus. All you need is a level 20 Mako, drop 4 SR jewels for Cerberus, and fill your deck with spell cards. You don't need a Ceal, you just need a "Stop Defense".
There is a farm deck you can build that doesn't require any cards from packs. You need only access the card trader and get certain duelists to a certain level to unlock certain cards. No specific deck skill required. This is a farm based Moba Card Game. If you're not willing to grind and don't want to pay just play something else.
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I'm having the exact same issue.
Because he is very powerful
Cyberdark claw can but still hard to achieve
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