Téa Gardner's Reminiscence of the Future Unlock Event

Is her LV40 deck weak? I only had 1 monster w/DEF 2000 on field when she almost deck out then I decided to beat her. Her decklist isn't out yet so I can't review the deck she uses.
Yes, she's incapable of getting a monster higher than 2000 ATK
Yep, she actually could, but it seems her AI is not set to use Kiwi's effect, so she never use it.

That's why Aromage Ra still works to farm her, provided you can set things up quickly. She can't get over Jasmine's Garden-boosted 2400 DEF.
<< Anonymous
She got Magic formula that she uses on Dark magician girl to increase ATK by 700
<< Anonymous
Very rarely happens though.


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Everyone forgot that deck too d∆mn fast
Tackle crusader flip terror incarnate, destroy terror with skull knight, gaia + tackle (release s...
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