Stage 1-10: Tips and FAQ

Please help me I in stage 4 and the mission said that Win a Duel World Duel with at least 500 LP remaining. And I do what it said but in vain what I should do
Same problem, does anybody know?
I have the same problem!
Basically, u lower youre life points atleast 500 then you will duel to win
Example: leave your field wide open then when u have atleast 500 lp , u can summon a 1600-1700 atk lvl 4 monster
<< Anonymous
That's still not working for me need help I've been on here for a while
It means you have to win with 500+ LP to win. If you have Paradox brothers unlocked, you can use their "Elements Unite" skill, which starts you at 500 LP, Gate Guardian in your hand, and Sanga, Kazejin, and Suijin on your field. Then duel at the gate against a lvl 10 duelist. I highly recommend not dueling against Joey or Odion.
just win the duel given that your LP is not lower than 500. try to duel lvl 10 duelist at the gate.
<< Anonymous
how are u suppose to have paradox brothers at stage 6 lol
It means to have than 500 hundred or more life points


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