Echoes of Silence Duel Links Card Pack

Heheh, i have 3 Lv8's and run all of them. I swear people would think i p2w... no, i just farm a lot, build up gems and spam boxes, reset, rinse and repeat. xD
if you run 3 copies in one deck than have much fun in silver division my friend
<< Anonymous
who the use 3 silent magician lvl 8 in a 20 card deck
So you just use 3 copies of level 8 to show other you can afford it? Lol I have 3 copy of wod, draining shield, pheonix and didn't even use it. I also have 3 copy of gozuki but I didn't play rez because I had other better deck. Wait, am I bragging? K bye
<< Anonymous
who cares?
I don't care you anonymous person
<< Anonymous(who cares?)
Just so u know I no longer want to be part of this cobversation. I went out of my way to say this, I canst stand these french discussions
what cards do use to farm?



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What for do that? I Just do uninstall this game... Good luck meeting with canadia, holes, kinds o...
Black Tyranno isn't even the strongest direct attacker in DUEL LINKS. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon ...
You know, that "big fusion beater" thing could also refer to Anki, which clearly IS a p...
Prior to that archetype condition being added to it, it had rulings stating it was an Archfiend c...
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