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Anyone else been playing Ghostricks? They aren't that good competitively, but they're REALLY fun. Skeleton has good mill power, though it is a bit slow. To Skeleton's credit, though, it Banishes cards, making them unusable, whereas regular milling might as well be a plus for the meta (cough cough Machine Angel Absolute Ritual, Red Eyes Spirit/Wyvern, Bacon Saver and Gozuki cough cough). Mummy is a decent swarmer. Ghoul can boost your attack up to 4100 without equip or field spells. I reiterate: These are by no means top tier, or even tier 2-3. They are, however, incredibly fun to play with, and that's what I like to see in an event.
Ghostricks update: So evidently these can beat CAs? I mean, I think the CA player bricked and/or misplayed, and I got good draws, but still.
They are extremely fun. Can't wait to play an Exodia ghostrick deck in DL. It may take a while, but hey, we'll get there.

Wat are you running atm?
<< Anonymous(Oldtimer)
Current Ghostrick Decklist. 3 of each Ghostrick and three Feint Plans are a must, but Pumprincess and the other spelltraps can be whatever you want.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Allright. Gonna tweak it a bit and see how it goes. Princess fits in perfectly tho'. Thanks for sharing!
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Flood gate trap hole



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I need help. Why i dont have event survey in notificiations
How do you play slifer with SM spellbook?
Well what did you expect, they even semi limit cyber petit angel even though CA is already dead lol
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