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Anyone else been playing Ghostricks? They aren't that good competitively, but they're REALLY fun. Skeleton has good mill power, though it is a bit slow. To Skeleton's credit, though, it Banishes cards, making them unusable, whereas regular milling might as well be a plus for the meta (cough cough Machine Angel Absolute Ritual, Red Eyes Spirit/Wyvern, Bacon Saver and Gozuki cough cough). Mummy is a decent swarmer. Ghoul can boost your attack up to 4100 without equip or field spells. I reiterate: These are by no means top tier, or even tier 2-3. They are, however, incredibly fun to play with, and that's what I like to see in an event.
Ghostricks update: So evidently these can beat CAs? I mean, I think the CA player bricked and/or misplayed, and I got good draws, but still.
They are extremely fun. Can't wait to play an Exodia ghostrick deck in DL. It may take a while, but hey, we'll get there.

Wat are you running atm?
<< Anonymous(Oldtimer)
Current Ghostrick Decklist. 3 of each Ghostrick and three Feint Plans are a must, but Pumprincess and the other spelltraps can be whatever you want.
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Allright. Gonna tweak it a bit and see how it goes. Princess fits in perfectly tho'. Thanks for sharing!
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Flood gate trap hole



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they include new card it his drop reward right?
Were at a 1000 plus gems for this event so far. I think will be fine with gold
Note: this card had an errata and now his effect dont target(its a spellbook of judgment but as m...
Maybe you can tell us, are they using the same deck? Espa from event vs at the gate?
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