Spellbook: deck recipe

Is the deck still worth it ??
not much, most ranked matches lately are against fur hires, if they start first it will be really hard for spellbooks to win.
Anoymous 29days ago
It's actually a really good counter to furies. If you go first you pretty much win. If you go second, if they don't draw wiz you pretty much win too
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 29days ago
^ WTF, no. Only if they go first, otherwise they will be crushed
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 10days ago
Anytime u start as second against fury it is a lose then.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 10days ago
Actually it's better to go second with basically any tank deck. ESPECIALLY with The Tricky. Four cards in your hand, five on the second turn. If you have Yami's first skill that puts the Yami field spell out, plus one of your cards being one that adds more to your hand, and two Tricky in you first pull, you're golden. Use the spell to add more cards, special summon both Tricky, equip cards, win.



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The term refund implies a return of payment, if you have not payed for something there can be no ...
Why is it my turn only? It doesn't says that in the text
Trying out a version with ojamatch. I use thunder monarch and 2 level 5. Also econ so you can eco...
This game is becoming more shit by the day
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