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I guess it´s pretty easy to spot a terrible player from a mile lol • First they try to convince you this game is expensive, just to go away with the fact they never win. And as soon as a non-expensive deck is released, those very same folks start hating that new deck ( Amazoness, Fur Hires or Sylvans back in the day ). • That´s why a terrible players actually never win, because they are always trying too hard to get that win and keep venting rage all over the site, pretending to have the right to tell everyone what to buy and what not no buy. • Good players always pick decks that they enjoy playing, if you like synchro monsters or blue eyes archtypes, just go for them, what´s the problem?, you don´t even need the top tier decks to reach KoG, that´s a false assumption created by the worst players that ever existed.
Dude this EXACTLY i built an amazon deck pre-recent nerf for my main, but i built other decks for the fun of it I reached platinum with some average decks and guess what??? I didnt pay anything I just grinded my way through everything and got creative, are there cards that need to be nerfed yes definitely but dont just rely on that and stop crying over money its not new good decks are expensive.
I agree I get alot of hate for my blue eyes and its not even my main deck
Thank you for this. My faith in this community is now somewhat restored.
Hazy Flame neva miss mah boi !


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Well there ARE many Cubic cards...
If you are fine with skills, actually there are severals if you want to return blu eyes from hand...
No, Its because you havent face them enough, not because you are f2p. I use vendread and 100% sur...
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