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Daemon Blitzkrieg
My only real thing about this event is that, instead of digging up more DM characters, they should have started fleshing out the GX ones. Titan(who I keep calling Phantom for some reason) from the Shadow Riders arc of GX would've been perfect for a Halloween spook...-er. He used the Archfiends too, cards we have so few of. Not as an unlock, but a duelist you can just go crazy w/ and better rewards. 'cause what's happening now is that we finally took a step towards advancing the game...only to get shot back for a character I'm really sure no one cares about. Even Keith kicked he tail to the curb after 1 duel, so why the hell even?
Daemon Blitzkrieg
For those who are wondering who Titan is:
<< Anonymous(Daemon Blitzkrieg)
Red skull king
Yes arch fiends support would of been a perfect theme
<< Anonymous(Red skull king )
Red skull king
Also maybe Alexis brother as well bring the darkness cards
Archfiends are strong at this moment. We have Summoned Skull for that.
If i had to make a guess, i'd say that it comes down to fan appeal. Most people remember bonz fondly, even though he was a super miner character. The archfiend cards would have been nice for sure, but we must also submit that the games fiend meta is to strong right now. Between Bakora Yami and Merik, we just dont need any more fiends right now.
<< Anonymous(pizaster)
Daemon Blitzkrieg
I know, just honestly nitpicking at it because folk was still holding out that it wouldn't have been Bonz. He's basically using Odion's cards, which is why I'm sure everyone is having an easy time dueling him as Lv40 Odion isn't hard.
This game was made more for the older fans of Yugioh. Sorry charlie :)
<< Anonymous
Old yugioh fans? You mean people who are obsessed with childhood and always talking rant about another YGO series?
<< Anonymous
Some DM Fan
Not all of us talking rant about other YGO series, in fact: more characters, more gems. We just want Konami to keep giving us the nostalgic feeling :)



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