Elemental HERO Terra Firma | Deck and Rulings

Am I missing something with this card that it's a UR it looks terrible.
Konami wants you to use this and combo with Terra Firma Gravity. lol
That's the flagship card of the box. That says a lot!
It's Judais ace monster in the manga, no other reason than that
<< Anonymous
No, E HEROES was owned by other person and Judai uses Masked HEROES instead of E HEROES
<< Anonymous
Yeah, such good cards as masked hero Inferno, masked hero Wildman, masked hero Flame Wingman, and MASKED HERO THE EARTH. Its literally the same cards
<< Anonymous
jaden/judai DOES own the e hero cards, he won terra firma in a tournament I believe. later he builds a deck around masked heroes because he wasn't the FIRST e hero user. he still uses e heroes.
<< Anonymous
In the manga, Judai uses the deck of his mentor Koyo Hibiki who was a pro duelist who won that card during a tournament. Later on, he believed he wasnt worthy to use his deck anymore due to circumstances and built a new deck for himself which were the masked heroes.
<< Anonymous
You cant use Masked Heroes alone, and he used Elemental Heroes to support them as well as Terra Firma was his signature card in the manga
<< Anonymous
Neos Pwunch
Wait. There's a Masked Hero Flame Wingman???
<< Anonymous(Neos Pwunch)
No. Masked Heroes are advanced version of Elemental Heroes.



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Finally! All skills obtained, and with just a little help from the x3 reward multiplier in the Yu...
but I am a bit sad, that we never got e hero support or a proper cyber dragon deck
It is always way too many cards that we can already farm for.
Yubel 327
Yeah ive cried lmao
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