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why this card was limited? i hope konami make this card unlimited again. honestly i'm amazoness fan without amazoness swordwoman this deks is useless agains meta right now. #just for fun play
wong pinter
kartu iki wes jancuk goblok
Can't play for fun when stall/burn decks abused this card at unlimited :/
<< Anonymous
I don't see how throwing this card in a burn deck makes it OP enough to be limited. You have to start building the deck around keeping amazoness alive or resurrecting it for it to be the main problem
<< Anonymous
Because of Lava Golem
Konami limited this card because it's free. You get it in game without paying cash.

If it was an Ultra rare that could be obtained only through buying a pack with gems or cash it would be unlimited.

Gems is harder to get than keys.

The strength/weakness of cards has nothing to do with limitation.

Note that most card obtainable with money aren't limited.
<< Anonymous
It's true, gems are so hard to obtain compared to gate keys that many people use gems + cash to grad 2 or 3 copies of each Ultra rare and Super rare.

That way they don't have to go through the whole box 2 or 3 times to get multiple copies of those box.


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