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Sayer won't come in duel links
Yep, this card being in a box pretty much killed any chance of Sayer coming to DL. Sayer has no other ace card.
Who the πŸ”₯ wants these random characters anyway
uh this is not the first time they put an ace card in a box, sayer could have you know a skill that adds the card like in the deck
<< Anonymous
theres a fusion version of this thats “stronger” they could use that and who cares if its in the game that didnt stop umbra and lumis
<< Anonymous
Yup, and seemingly Umbra & Lumis is the first characacter to have an ace with SR rarity.

And Tristan being the first to not having any card as ace.

So, anything could happen.
Why not bro?
When paradox brothers and lumis and umbral came we already were having their ace monsters.
I mean there is still Ultimate Axon Kicker, Overmind Archfiend. Besides they could just give players a reprint of a card as his Ace. Like maybe people haven't gotten Hyper Psychic Blaster yet cause its a Ticket card so that could be his ace or Thought Ruler even though it just came out doesnt mean people got him or are trying to get it. I would love him in the game I play psychics for ranked duels
<< Anonymous
Evil Rick
Paradox brothers actually have an 'R' rarity card as an Ace Card

A card you could get form the Card Trader before unlocking them.
he will come in duel links someday or later


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Good joke V
이 μΉ΄λ“œκ°€ 일반 μ†Œν™˜ / 특수 μ†Œν™˜μ— μ„±κ³΅ν–ˆμ„ 경우
I hope that they put all dark signer in duel links
Still no skill buff for this. @@@ this company.
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