"50% Off Sale" - How To Invest and Which Boxes To Pick

Hi, so I had a friend just start playing today. Which one of these would you say to buy for a player with absolutely no competitive deck???
None of these. Those decks are good to get some staples but if you wanna build a complete deck you should invest in the newer boxes.
I’d go with The Blue-Eyes ultimate box, it has important meta staples such as sphere kuriboh along with other prominent cards such as Restructor Revolution, Secret Pass, and Sonic Bird
Try using flower cardian deck. F2p. No sr and ur imvolved. Just 🔥ous to learn and player to wait for finishing combo
invest for Generation Next pack aim 3 King of Swamp and Flood Gate
<< Anonymous
I agree for 3x Swamp King and FG. Those were the first box cards I got 3 of
Crimson Kingdom is also a worthy box to get started on. Buster Blader has most of it's main support cards in there, as well as other very good splashable cards like Ultimate Providence as well


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Remember when that was Tier 1? Only 20 boxes ago
Those are the core boxes. The boxes for Canadia, Floodgate, Scrap Goblin, Flip Flop Frog, any of ...
More likely it was a bug. Try testing the same situation with your friend who has all the requir...
What are you talking most people also want a nerf to these decks and that has nothing to do wheth...
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