Stage 31-40: Tips and FAQ

34 Stage Missions (In the world of duel, put out 10000 points of effect damage) what do I have to do.
using spell card that can effect damage for exmp. Hiroshima.
Sorry, i meen spell card (Hinotama)
I used the ritual monster 'Lycanthrope' and a lot of normal monster. Around 6-7 duels with LD Lv10.
Or a lot of spell-trap of Eff. Damage and a monster with more of 1300 DEF to stop the rival rush
<< Anonymous(youthkits)
And what about kyoto and tokyo
Blue Eyed Dragon
Use Vassal+Union Attack
Supah EZ



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Yeah but if duels in duel links go longer than 30 turns (as in each player gets 30 turns) than th...
this is the most broke dick REZDdeck i've ever seen lmao
A good tip would be to use Mako's "mystic Depths" ability, sincce umi will reduce ...
Damn, that Horus deck is so annoying. I managed to beat it with a Fiend Control Deck. Necrofear, ...
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